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Ways to donate

Non-council collectors

Bognor Recycling Centre

Shripney Rd, Bognor Regis PO22 9SX

For more information, such as opening times and what is accepted at this centre, visit the Council website.

Other ways to recycle

Although there are three main ways to recycle in West Sussex, there may be other things you want to recycle which these ways won’t allow. So here are some other ways that you can recycle in Bognor Regis which will allow you to recycle items the council or textiles bins won’t take. To find out more about mixed recycling, garden waste recycling or textiles bins, head over to our West Sussex section which covers Bognor Regis.

All charity shops in Bognor Regis

Don’t forget that even food can be donated to the Community Fridge. Your nearest one is Littlehampton

Photo shows the Eco Swap shop in Bognor Regis

Shop sustainably in Bognor

It’s worth knowing about the EcoSwap shop at the end of the High Street. In there, you can find your essentials from toiletries and food and drink to clothing and cleaning products. The shop has a filling station too so you can refil your containers and bottles with toiletries, cleaning supplies, herbs & spices, dried fruit & nuts, wholegrains and more!

Find out more about the shop and their work with The Bognor Community Pantry on the EcoSwap store website.

Non-council collectors in your area

Non-council collectors offer ways for items that would usually go into landfill to be recycled instead. 

If you know of a great recycling scheme in Bognor, please let us know so we can shout about it here. 

What other things can I recycle in Bognor Regis?

The Tesco in Shripney Road has a soft plastic collection point. There, you can recycle a variety of items such as cucumber wrappers, salad bags, crisp packets and bread wrappers.

If you have thin plastic lids, plastic pouches (e.g micowave rice, petfood etc), the Co-Op on Chichester Road and the one on Hawthorn Road have collection points for these. You can see a full list of what they do and don’t collect on their website. At the store on Chichester Road, there is also a Salvation Army textiles bin so you can recycle your textiles too.

Photo shows the Co-Op store in Chichester Road, Bognor

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