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Non-council collectors

Eastbourne Recycling Centre

St Philip’s Ave, Eastbourne BN22 8NB

For more information, such as opening times and what is accepted at this centre, visit the Council website.

More ways to recycle

The council gives you three main ways to recycle, but there are things that they don’t accept that can still be recycled. Before we tell you more about that, make sure that you’re familiar with what the council already recycles.

The main charity shops in Eastbourne

If you know of a great recycling initiative in Eastbourne, we would love to talk about it here so more people know about it. Just let us know so we can shout about it.

If you want to get involved in making Eastbourne plastic free, Plastic Free Eastbourne is a fantastic initiative set up by an ex geography teacher. Find out more and see how you can help on their website.

Non-council collectors in your area

Thankfully, there are a few different collection point in Eastbourne where you can recycle items that would usually go into landfill. The Defiant Sports Inclusion Hub is a collector of certain items which are then recycled through Terracycle. A recycling company that allows collectors, like Defiant Sports, to send them items to be recycled in exchange for points.

The points are rewarded based on how heavy each category of waste is which can then be exchanged for cash. In most cases, collectors choose to donate the money to charity.

Find out which laundry products and which Lavazza coffee pods they are able to accept.

St Andrew’s Church also collect for Terracycle. Find out what they accept here.

What other things can I recycle in Eastbourne

The Eastbourne Tesco Extra has a collection point for soft plastics. This includes most soft plastic packaging; including bread bags, crisp packets, all carrier bags and pet and food pouches. Find out more on their website.

Through the Recycle At Boots scheme, you can earn points by dropping off any cosmetic packaging to the Boots at The Beacon to be recycled.

You can find out more about the scheme and what is accepted on the Boots website.

The Tesco Extra has a battery recycling point.

Photo shows the Tesco Extra in Eastbourne which allows you to recycle soft plastics and batteries

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