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Recycling In Hailsham

Ways to donate

Non-council collectors

Hailsham Recycling Centre

Station Rd, Hailsham BN27 2BY

For more information, such as opening times and what is accepted at this centre, visit the Council website.

Other ways to recycle

There are lots of things you can recycle through the Wealden District Council, but did you know there’s ways to stop things you would normally through in your waste bin from going to landfill? Either through donating your unwanted items or by giving items to a local non-council collector, you can make a real difference to our planet.

Charity shops in Hailsham

If you know of a great recycling initiative in Hailsham, we would love to talk about it here so more people know about it. Just let us know so we can shout about it.

Other items that can be recycled in Hailsham

The Tesco in Hailsham has a soft plastics recycling point so that you can recycle most plastic packaging. 

The Co-Op on Upper Horsebridge Road also has a collection point for soft plastic.

The Boots in Hailsham is part of the Terracycle contact lenses recycling programme and so you can take your old contact lenses there to be recycled.

Head over to the Terracycle website to find out what is accepted.

There is a battery recycling point in the Hailsham Tesco.

Photo shows the Tesco in HAilsham that allows you to recycle soft plastic and batteries

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