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You’ve probably noticed the recycling symbols on various plastic items. From single use water bottles and butter containers to condiment bottles. But what do they mean? They refer to the type of plastic the item is made from. From there, you can find out if you can recycle the item.

Each type of plastic is typically used for different items and, as you’ll know, some plastics are more recyclable than others.

Each symbol represents a different type of plastic which is used for different things. From milk containers through to crisp packets, you should be able to spot the symbol somewhere on the item. As you’ll know, some plastics are more recyclable than others. Here’s a handy graphic we made that tells you the type of plastic each symbol refers to and an example of what that plastic is used to make.

As we mentioned, each type of plastic is more or less recyclable. Generally, items with the 1, 2 and 5 symbols are widely recycled. While 3 and 6 are not easily recycled. There are a few, like 3, 4 and 7, that can be recycled at specialist points. Like the soft recycling collection points at local supermarkets where you can recycle carrier bags and plastic packaging bags.

It’s important to check what you can and can’t put in your recycling bin. Although something might be widely recycled, it might not be recycled in your area. Our website has all the information you need to make sure that you’re putting the right items in your bins. If you’re in East Sussex, click here. If you’re in West Sussex, click here. If you’re in Brighton & Hove, click here.

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