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Recycling In Selsey & The Witterings

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Non-council collectors

Selsey & The Witterings Recycling Centre

Selsey & The Witterings have a mobile recycling centre service. To find out the locations of these and when they’re next running, please visit the Council website.

Other ways to recycle

There are three main ways that you can recycle items through Chichester District Council. That being said, there are other things that can be recycled that the council won’t take. Before you find out more about alternative ways to recycle in Selsey and The Witterings, make sure you’re familiar with what the local council already allows by visiting our West Sussex page.

Charity shops in Selsey & The Witterings

Non-council collectors in your area

Currently, we have no knowledge of any non-council recycling collectors in the Selsey & The Witterings. If you know of one, please do let us know so that we can add it to this page.

Non-council collectors in your area

Help keep Selsey clean by getting involved with the Selsey Beach Litter Ninjas. A community group of volunteers who run beach clean ups. Find out when they’re next doing a beach clean by checking out their Facebook page.

What other things can I recycle in Selsey and the Witterings

The Tesco Extra on Fishbourne Road accepts soft plastics to be sent for recycling. Find out what they accept on the Tesco website.

The Tesco Extra on Fishbourne Road has a battery recycling point.

Photo shows a group of women from Selsey Beach Litter Ninjas holding up hand made wreaths from pieces of litter found on the beach.

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