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Non-council collectors

Uckfield Recycling Centre

The nearest recycling centre for Uckfield residents is in Maresfield.

Batts Bridge Rd, Maresfield TN22 2HN

For more information, such as opening times and what is accepted at this centre, visit the Council website.

More ways to recycle

There are lots of items that you can recycle through the council, either by putting them in your kerbside bin or by going to your local recycling centre. That being said, other items can be recycled through other ways. 

Before we talk about other ways to recycle your items in Uckfield, make sure you’re familiar with what items you can recycle through the council by heading to our East Sussex page.

Charity shops in Uckfield

What other things can I recycle in Uckfield

The Tesco on Bellfarm Road has a batteries recycling collection point.

The Boots in the High Street has a collection point for you to recycle most of the items you can buy in Boots. Find out exactly what you can recycle on their website.

Photo shows Uckfield Tesco which has a soft plastic recycling point

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