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Here at Recycling In Sussex, we’re all about finding ways to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill. There are lots of ways that this can be done and we talk about where/ what to recycle in your town. As well as where you can donate unwanted items.

Upcycling is also something you can do to stop items going to landfill and acquire some trendy decor for your home. In this blog post, we give you five fun and creative ways you can do just that.

  1. Glass Jar Lantern

    Instead of tossing empty glass jars into the recycling bin, turn them into charming lanterns for your outdoor space. Clean the jars thoroughly and remove any labels. Then, insert LED tea lights or fairy lights into the jars and hang them from tree branches or patio hooks. These DIY lanterns add a magical ambiance to your garden or backyard, perfect for cozy evenings under the stars.
  2. Vintage Suitcase Shelves

    Give old suitcases a new lease on life by upcycling them into stylish shelves. Simply stack two or more vintage suitcases vertically and secure them together with brackets or screws. Attach the suitcase assembly to the wall, and voila – you have unique shelving units to display books, plants, or decorative items. This upcycling project adds character and charm to any room in your home.
  3. Pallet Garden Furniture

    Anyone with a knack for woodworking can transform discarded pallets into trendy garden furniture. With a little sanding, painting, and creativity, pallets can be repurposed into rustic benches, coffee tables, or planters for your outdoor oasis. This eco-friendly furniture solution not only adds character to your garden but also reduces waste by giving pallets a second life.
  4. Tin Can Planters

    Empty tin cans from your kitchen can be upcycled into adorable planters for your indoor herb garden or outdoor balcony. After cleaning the cans and poking drainage holes in the bottom, decorate them with paint, fabric, or decoupage paper to match your home décor. Fill the cans with soil and plant your favourite herbs or flowers. These DIY planters add a touch of greenery to your home while minimising waste.
  5. CD Mosaic Art

    If you have old CDs collecting dust in your drawers, why not turn them into eye-catching mosaic art? Break the CDs into small pieces and arrange them in a mosaic pattern on a wooden board or picture frame. Secure the pieces with adhesive and grout, then polish the surface for a shiny finish. Your CD mosaic art makes a striking statement piece, showcasing your creativity and commitment to upcycling.

Upcycling household items is not just about reducing waste – it’s about unleashing creativity and adding personality to your living space. By embracing these five upcycling ideas, you can contribute to a more sustainable future while adding unique touches to their homes. So, roll up your sleeves, grab your tools, and let the upcycling journey begin!