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5 Ways To Avoid Using Single-Use Plastic

Photo shows a variety of single-use plastic items spread out on a surface with a red cross in the middle of the image to show that these shouldn't be used

Single-use plastics pose a significant threat to the environment, contributing to pollution, habitat destruction, and climate change. Adopting a lifestyle that minimises the use of these plastics is a powerful way to contribute to a healthier planet. While our website gives you alternative ways to recycle certain plastics in your area, there are other ways […]

Embracing Love in February: Extend the Affection to Recycling

Photo shows two hands together forming a love heart

February, the month of love, is a time when affectionate gestures and thoughtful expressions abound. While showering our loved ones with gifts and tokens of appreciation, it’s essential to extend that love beyond our loved ones. This February, let’s consider an unconventional but impactful way to express our care — through recycling. Love for the […]

Our Recycling Guide For Sussex Residents Ready To Make A Difference

Photo shows a smart phone displaying three green arrows in a circle coming out of a fabric drawstring back

Being a Sussex resident means that you’re already part of a community that values its stunning natural surroundings. If you’re looking to make more of an effort to recycle and contribute to the wellbeing of our local environment, you’re on the right track. Recycling is a small yet impactful action that each of us can […]