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Non-council collectors

Worthing Recycling Centre

19 Willowbrook Rd, Worthing BN14 8NA

For more information, such as opening times and what is accepted at this centre, visit the Council website.

More ways to recycle

Adur and Worthing Council offer three main ways to recycle your waste and while there are lots of items you can recycle through them, there are other things you can recycle that you can’t recycle through the council. On this page, you’ll find all of the information you need to recycle more in Worthing. 

Before we dive into that, make sure that you know about the ways you can recycle through the council by visiting our West Sussex page.

Charity shops in Worthing

Non-council collectors in your area

The Worthing Boys Club on Ivy Arch Road collects items for Terracycle. A recycling company that, through sponsors of different waste streams, can recycle items that you would usually throw away. From cheese packaging and biscuit wrappers to marigold gloves and cleaning wipes, there are lots of items the Boys Club recycle. 

Find the full list of what they accept here. You can also join their Facebook group to see their updates.

What other things can I recycle in Worthing?

The Tesco Extra in West Durrington has a battery recycling point. 

The Boots in Montague Street has a collection point for cosmetic packaging which includes most things you can buy at Boots. Find out exactly what they take on their website

Photo shows a woman standing among lots of bags at Worthing Boys Club. The bags are full of items that have been dropped off to be recycled through Terracycle. The address of the Boys Club is overlayed on top: Ivy Arch Road, Worthing, West Sussex, BN14 8BX

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